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We protect Rare Herb Farmers using Blockchain technology and make Rare Herbs accessible to everyone by creating a Farmer to Consumer Marketplace.


Herbalist Token Project is going to solve expensive rare herbs problem by building a blockchain integrated marketplace that will bring the farmers and the buyers together. In our platform, any farmer is going to be able list their products and find buyers around the globe easily and quickly.
This will
• eliminate the intermediaries,
• cut the unnecessary costs,
• increase the profit of the growers,
• decrease the price of the product for the customers and
• make the rare herbs more accessible to everyone.
Herbalist Token Project offers a new platform to cut the costs and give farmers an opportunity to sell their products directly to the consumers.


On our Global Rare Herbs Marketplace, users can buy and sell products securely and reliably. Sellers can create their own stores and build their reputation through review points given by customers. Sellers can also attach pictures and videos to their listings to show the quality of their products.
Since the price gap of rare herbs’ sales in current supply chain is huge, our platform will mainly focus on rare herb sales but we also encourage all kinds of produce and herbs farmers to market their products on our platform to decrease the prices globally.
In order to decrease the costs even more, we are also going to make partnerships with local and global shipping and logistic companies around the world for the sales processed through our platform. Sellers on our platform will be able to ship their products at cheaper rates.


Herbalist Token (HERB) is an Ethereum Blockchain based ERC-20 token that will be used in payments processed through our platform. Our goal is to create a global marketplace with a single cryptocurrency payment option to remove currency conversion costs, reach farmers and customers beyond country borders and decrease the overall costs even more.


How it all started

May 2018
The origin of Rare Herbs Marketplace and Herbalist Token idea
June 2018
Team Building
July 2018
Attraction of Advisors
September 2018
Rare Herbs Database Creation Started
October 2018
Herbalist Token Website is created
November 6th 2018
Herbalist Token (HERB) ICO Start
November 8th 2018
Herbalist Token (HERB) ICO End
November 26th 2018
Herbalist Volunteer Program Start
November 2018
Exchange Listings & Partnerships with Shipping Companies
December 2018
Further Exchange Listings & Partnerships
January 2019
Rare Herbs Global Marketplace Website Launch
February 2019
Consumer Awareness Webinars Start on Youtube Channel
March 2019
Partnerships with Universities

Our motivated team

Our Partners


Herb Token Info

Total Supply: 9,500,000,000
Ticker: HERB
Decimal: 8
Contract Address: 0x04A020325024F130988782bd5276e53595e8d16E

Our ICO ended in less than 60 hours. Thank you for your support and participation.

Past ICO Details:

ICO Price: 1 ETH: 15,000,000 HERB

In order to buy HERB tokens during the token sale, you will need to send the required amount of ETH to our ETH Address. In response to your payment, HERB tokens will be sent to the same wallet address you sent your ETH from.

Please DO NOT send any funds to the Contract Address. Send your funds only to our ETH address specified above.

Minimum amount of participation to ICO is 0.5 ETH. Any funds sent after the ICO ended will be returned.

Distribution of Tokens

Herbalist Tokens will be distributed as specified in the chart.
  • 53% ICO

  • 21% Reserved Funding (Exchange Listings & Promotions)

  • 8% Founders and Team

  • 7% Marketing

  • 6% Volunteer Program

  • 5% Airdrop & Bounty


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